RIPSS annual report

Greetings from the RIPSS section of IAPS.  We had conducted a successful 7th conference of RIPSS section on 2nd and 3 rd. September 2022 which was arranged by the Department of paediatric surgery, AIIMS Raipur. The conference had a workshop on evidence synthesis in Systematic Review and Meta analysis. The conference was a great success.

This year, we are happy to announce that the Annual Conference of Research and Innovation Paediatric Surgical Society (RIPSS Section of IAPS) is to be held on 20th December 2023 (dates approved by EC IAPS), to be arranged by the Department of Paediatric Surgery AIIMS. Paediatric surgeons will have a common platform with scientists and biomedical researchers. There will be interesting workshops on research. It is being organised with the 8th International Conference on stem cells and cancer (ICSCC2023). It is endorsed by WOFAPS and Indian Stem Cell Study Group. Registration can be done at IAPSCON 2023.

You will be pleased to know that many paediatric surgeons have shown interest in becoming new members of RIPSS. The new Executive Body is as follows.

Yours sincerely,

Secretary of RIPSS,

Dr. Sagar Jawale

Chairman of RIPSS,

Dr. Shilpa Sharma

EC members of RIPSS,

North: S. Raina

Central: V. Upadhyay

East: R. Mohapatra

West: P. Bendre

South: S. Kurbet

Co-opted member S. Saha

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